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Attorney Sean Potter helps Central Pennsylvanians improve their lives, protect their families, and safeguard the liberty and freedom we all cherish. Let me put my experience, expertise, and fighting spirit to work for you. Please call (717) 582-0400 to find out how I can help you.

  • DUI & Criminal Defense

    When your freedom is at stake, there is no substitute for an experienced trial attorney. From a first offense DUI to serious felonies, my extensive trial and negotiating experience will help achieve the best outcome for your case.

  • Child Custody, Adoption & Divorce

    Protecting and nurturing your family is your first obligation. When turmoil threatens the well-being of you or your children, it is time to seek the counsel of an experienced, knowledgable attorney. Custody, adoption, divorce: we will fight for you and your loved ones.

  • Wills, Estate Planning & Probate

    The hardwork and success of a well-lived life should be your family's financial security. With proper planning, you can protect your assets for the benefit of you and your family; today and in the future. I can help.

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    Whether you are involved in a child custody battle, facing criminal charges, need a will or estate plan, are planning to adopt a child,, or have other legal concerns, feel free to contact my office to learn how I can help make the law work for you.
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    I discuss custody, dui, adoption, and lots more. I try to make my readers knowledgable about the legal system and how to use it. You can leave comments for me, as well. Check it out now.
  • Facing a DUI?
    Jail time and a lengthy license suspension are just some of the consequences of a DUI conviction. Call today so I can evaluate your case. Learn what defenses may be available to you or whether you may be eligible for ARD.
  • Step-parent Adoption
    Are you interested in adopting a spouse's child from a prior marriage? My office handles the entire matter from termination of the biological parent's rights to the actual adoption proceeding. Call today to learn what I can do for your family.
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